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By Stella Cameron

A set of romance tales positive factors the story of a Cornish maid who unearths love with the aid of a kindly nanny; a gallant gentleman starts anew with the lady who spurned him years prior to; and others.

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You are perfect. And that is why we shall both forget my lapse. " "No, I—" "Forget, Esmie. " He left and she stood in the middle of the room, looking at the open door. But of course, her innocence had made him change his mind. And he thought that because of her innocence the responsibility for holding at bay what he termed her "passion" was his. A tremulous, tight little smile curved Esmie's mouth. He could do what he pleased with his responsibility. What she chose to do with her passion was her own affair.

She hadn't exactly asked him to enter, yet he would choose to interpret her words as an invitation. " He went into the room, but stood at a considerable distance from the bed. " He walked across the room and put wood on the fire. "It is near afternoon. " William turned to look at John. " About what, he wasn't certain. "You promised we would collect boughs and some holly and decorate. Of course, Esmie will come now. And a snow fight will be much better with three, will it not? And we'll get out the crystal decorations Aunt Lindsay brought last year.

My love. This will not be exactly as I would wish. " He took her slender wrists above her head and held them there. Carefully, supporting his weight on his elbows, he parted her thighs with a knee. When he entered her, he heard her name jar past his lips, heard her cry, "William! " There was the slim barrier that still kept him from her, and then it was breached. The drive of his manhood could no longer be contained. He thrust, and thrust, and the woman in his arms took, and gave —and sobbed with him into the hot, dark place where minds are laced together without seams.

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