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By Klaus K. Klostermaier

With entries on every thing from Manu to Gandhi and the Ramesvaram to the Himalayas, this can be a useful reference booklet.

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism

A consultant in Hinduism, Buddhism, and different Asian religions and philosophical traditions, Lochtefeld (religion, Carthage Coll. ) bargains a two-volume reference on each point of Hinduism and similar parts of Indian tradition and historical past. Written in a transparent, common kind, the greater than 2500 alphabetically prepared entries deal with readers now not completely conversant in Hindu trust and perform.

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The devotional poems of Annamaya (15th century) are probably the main obtainable and common success of classical Telugu literature, one of many significant literatures of pre-modern India. Annamaya successfully created and popularized a brand new style, the fast padam tune, which unfold through the Telugu and Tamil areas and may turn into a huge automobile for the composition of Carnatic tune - the classical song of South India.

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An inspiring message for all humanity from one ofIndia's so much cherished religious teachersIf Sri Ramakrishna was once a jumping flame of religious awareness, Holy mom was once a gentle sparkling hearth of God-consciousness. To the grasp, Sri Ramakrishna, she used to be the goddess of knowledge in human shape. To her disciples she was once the Divine mom herself.

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Such a lot of books on Tantra are vague, obtuse and of little actual use -- particularly for the Western Practitioner. yet ultimately here's a booklet which supplies a right away, sincere, pragmatic, no-holds-barred method of the main robust tools for private development and non secular attainment. intercourse is without doubt one of the strongest forces in the world and, till it really is remodeled, the folk and the planet will stay asleep.

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The Eastern or vessara style features a more rounded tower and often a more elaborate set of buildings, including a hall for performing musicians and dancers. The Southern or dräviõa style is characterized by multistoreyed gopuras, towering structures over the entrance gates to the temple complex: the sanctuary itself is usually a fairly low and unobtrusive structure, housing only the image of the deity. The temple complex usually contains a number of additional buildings, a tank and other facilities.

It is one of the manifestations of AVIDYÄ (ignorance) and one ought to give up attachment to oneself, to one’s family and one’s possessions in order to gain freedom and release. Encyclo - Letter A 10/2/03 9:37 am Page 32 Aughara Aughara A branch of the Näflhapanthis, the followers of GORAKHNÄfiHA, a section of yogis, followers of ŸIVA. AUM Also written OM, called the präæava, the mystical syllable containing the universe. It is explained as consisting of the first (a) and last (u) vowel and the last consonant (m) of the Sanskrit alphabet and therefore encompassing all words (which consist of vowels and consonants).

However, Ÿäktism promises both bhukti and mukti and denies an opposition between them. bhür, also bhürloka The earth. bhütas (‘spirits’, ‘ghosts’) Belief in bhütas is widespread in India and there are many ceremonies designed to free a person from their influence. (See also PRETA). Bhuvaæeÿvara (‘Lord of the earth’) Title of ŸIVA, name of famous temple city in Orissa with some of the largest Hindu temples such as the 11th-century Liögaräja temple. bhuvar, also Bhuvarloka The firmament, the middle region between earth and sky.

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