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By Sudhir R. Ghorpade, Balmohan V. Limaye

This self-contained textbook provides an intensive exposition of multivariable calculus. it may be seen as a sequel to the one-variable calculus textual content, A path in Calculus and genuine research, released within the related sequence. The emphasis is on correlating common suggestions and result of multivariable calculus with their opposite numbers in one-variable calculus. for instance, whilst the final definition of the quantity of an outstanding is given utilizing triple integrals, the authors clarify why the shell and washing machine tools of one-variable calculus for computing the amount of a superior of revolution needs to supply a similar resolution. additional, the e-book comprises actual analogues of uncomplicated leads to one-variable calculus, akin to the suggest worth theorem and the elemental theorem of calculus.

This ebook is distinctive from others at the topic: it examines issues no longer in general lined, comparable to monotonicity, bimonotonicity, and convexity, including their relation to partial differentiation, cubature principles for approximate assessment of double integrals, and conditional in addition to unconditional convergence of double sequence and fallacious double integrals. in addition, the emphasis is on a geometrical method of such uncomplicated notions as neighborhood extremum and saddle point.

Each bankruptcy comprises particular proofs of suitable effects, besides a number of examples and a large number of workouts of various levels of hassle, making the e-book important to undergraduate and graduate scholars alike. there's additionally an informative element of "Notes and Comments’’ indicating a few novel positive aspects of the therapy of issues in that bankruptcy in addition to references to correct literature. the single prerequisite for this article is a path in one-variable calculus.

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2 Functions and Their Geometric Properties ´ 23 µ ´ ݾ µ ´Ü½ ݾ µ ´Ü¾ ݾ µ ´ ݽ µ ´Ü½ ݽ µ ´Ü¾ ݽ µ µ ´Ü¾ µ ´ µ ´Ü½ ´ µ ´ µ Fig. 6. 17 and the corresponding subrectangles. g(x2 , y2 ) + g(x1 , y1 ) − g(x2 , y1 ) − g(x1 , y2 ) = 1 (A + B) 2 h(x2 , y2 ) + h(x1 , y1 ) − h(x2 , y1 ) − h(x1 , y2 ) = 1 (A − B) , 2 and where A := wf (x2 , y2 ) + wf (x1 , y1 ) − wf (x2 , y1 ) − wf (x1 , y2 ) and B := f (x2 , y2 ) + f (x1 , y1 ) − f (x2 , y1 ) − f (x1 , y2 ). Since A = (W1 + W2 + W3 + W4 ) + W1 − (W1 + W3 ) − (W1 + W2 ) = W4 and |B| ≤ W4 , it follows that g and h are bimonotonically increasing.

Proof. Define g, h : [a, b] × [c, d] → R by g = 21 (wf + f ) and h = 12 (wf − f ). Clearly, f = g − h and wf = g + h. Consider any (x1 , y1 ), (x2 , y2 ) in [a, b] × [c, d] with (x1 , y1 ) ≤ (x2 , y2 ). Then the rectangle R := [a, x2 ] × [c, y2 ] has four subrectangles R1 := [a, x1 ] × [c, y1 ], R2 := [a, x1 ] × [y1 , y2 ], R3 := [x1 , x2 ]×[c, y1 ], and R4 := [x1 , x2 ]×[y1 , y2 ]. 16 to f |R , that is, to the restriction of f to R, we see that wf (x2 , y2 ) = W1 + W2 + W3 + W4 , where Wi := W (f |Ri ) for i = 1, 2, 3, 4.

For any x = (x1 , . . , xn ) and y = (y1 , . . , yn ) in Rn with x1 > 0, there is k ∈ N such that kx ≻ y. Further, show that if n > 1, then Rn does not satisfy the least upper bound property with respect to , that is, there is a nonempty subset S of Rn such that S is bounded above but S does not have a supremum with respect to . 33. Given any p ∈ R with p ≥ 1 and x = (x1 , . . , xn ) ∈ Rn , define the p-norm of x by 1/p x p := |x1 |p + · · · + |xn |p . Show that x p ≥ 0, and moreover, x for any x, y ∈ Rn and r ∈ R, we have x+y p ≤ x p + y p p = 0 ⇐⇒ x = 0.

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