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587 = 167 was intercalary, 11 or 12 Dec. ) (cf. Michels, 171–2; Derow, Phoenix, 1973, 355). But there is no evidence that Anicius' games immediately followed his triumph. 's account to book xxx (22. 1); but this does not give us the year. Koperberg, 29, thinks that P. described the games under res Graeciae of 168/7, as a foil to those of Aemilius Paullus and a contrast to his ingenium (cf. Livy, xlv. 32. 10, 'prudentiam in dandis spectaculis, ad quae rudes tum Romani erant'); this chapter would then stand between 13 and 14.

Their proper place must therefore remain uncertain; nor can we say whether they belong to book xxvii or book xxviii. 10. BOOK XXVIII Whether this book contained the events of Ol. 152, 2 and 3, or merely those of Ol. 152, 3 is uncertain (see pp. 22–23); but the latter assumption (which is Büttner-Wobst's) is slightly more probable, and therefore it may be made as a working hypothesis. These extracts are from the Constantinian excerpts: de legat. : 1. 1–9 (embassies from Antiochus and Ptolemy: exc.

9); and Samuel, 139, calculates that, allowing three months for news of Epiphanes' death to get from Alexandria to Hermonthis in upper Egypt, this dating shows Epiphanes to have been still alive on, say, 20 February 180. Since the Canon gives him a reign of 24 years, thus putting his death in the course of his twentyfifth Egyptian year, he must have died between 20 February and 6 October 180 (the year end). So far no document warrants a closer dating. But the evidence seems to confirm that 6. 1–7 is from the res Graeciae of Ol.

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