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By David Potter

A survey of French background from the reign of Louis XI to the outbreak of the Wars of faith that isolates a few of the arguable theories of the interval: country construction, the Aristocracy and clientage and the Reformation and discusses them with complete recognition to the local range of France. It additionally introduces the reader to contemporary examine at the court docket and govt set within the context of the fundamental social and monetary routine of the interval. it really is argued that the fundamental id of France as a state was once strengthened below the aegis of monarchical legitimacy sponsored via the the Aristocracy and the church, environment the development for the remainder of the Ancien Regime.

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28 From this perspective, Claude de Seyssel's ideas can be made to seem obsolete, with their insistence that it was impossible to envisage a monarchy both absolute and limited at the same time. Such ideas were not at the end of their life, however. A century later, Charles Loyseau, in a period when 'mixed monarchy' was still under discussion, could still envisage a form of 'limited absolutism'. We must distinguish between Absolutism as a political theory, as a de jure political system and as a de facto practice.

In this sense he was at one with Dumoulin's conviction that French traditions stemmed from Charlemagne as king of the French rather than as Roman Emperor and that the contemporary Empire of Charles V was a lesser and later creation than the kingdom of the Franks. Henri II, who consistently stressed his imperial pretensions in public imagery from 1550, took on the position of 'defender of German liberties' in 1551. 20 Jacques Krynen has shown how the doctrine of the rex christianissimus weakened the right of resistance, emphasised the imperial status of the king and gave him authority over the Gallican church.

However, since the force had to be paid for by the people's taxes, it was the duty of the king to guard them from the oppression of those for whom they paid. The words echo almost exactly the 1498 declaration of president of the Parlement Courthardi that it was 'strange that the said men-at-arms, who are supported by money paid by the people to defend them' nevertheless oppress them. ' The king recalled that he had been called by God: in the flower of our age, as one of his principal ministers, to the rule, government and administration of this noble and worthy kingdom and crown of France, divinely and miraculously instituted ...

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