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By Kinley MacGregor

Few recognize Morgan Drake's real name—but many worry the ocean Wolf, the scourge of the sea, a fearless pirate who frees inspired American sailors from British vessels. Now a stunning reporter is keen to chance her existence, her innocence, and her middle to bare the secrets and techniques that Morgan is set to guard at any price . . . A headstrong and brave younger lady in a man's international, Serenity James understands she is only tolerated in her father's newspaper place of work. An particular tale in regards to the dreaded Sea Wolf, in spite of the fact that, will earn her the honor she so fervently wishes. yet she by no means anticipated to be abducted through the attractive and hazardous brigand whose daring exploits have fired her imagination—or to find the journey she's constantly longed for in Morgan Drake's passionate caress.

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I’m looking for a Mr. S. S. ” The butterflies in her stomach multiplied. Whatever could he want with her? Well, she certainly knew what she would want A PIRATE OF HER OWN 25 him to want with her. Even with her eyes wide open, she could imagine him leaning close to her, feel his breath prickling her neck as he whispered poetry in her ear . . Get a hold of yourself! Blinking to banish the image, she forced herself to remain as calm as was possible when one confronted a come-to-life dream. “That would be me.

Barney and Kit glanced around as a footman dressed in green livery jumped off the top of the coach. He opened the coach’s door. A huge black umbrella was shoved out into the rain and opened, then tilted upwards to reveal an elderly woman whose dress would rival Serenity’s for plain ugliness. She scowled at Barney and Kit before holding the umbrella over the coach’s open door. A young, attractive blond woman emerged from the coach an instant before the footman closed it. With a frown on her pale, angelic face, the young woman cast furtive glances at Kit and Barney as she and her chaperone made their way into the shop.

He reminded her much of the hero she had dreamed of for the Sea Wolf. Aye, the Sea Wolf would have that same fiercely stubborn jaw and those dangerous eyes that flashed like burnt cinnamon. “You talk about sources in your article. ” he demanded. She shrugged. ” “Your brother and father? ” She bristled. “What is this? ” When he spoke, he enunciated every word slowly and carefully, his voice dark with warning. ” What would it hurt to humor him? If it would appease him, far be it from her to keep silent.

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