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By Anne Stuart

Longing for the downfall of Nicholas Blackthorne, the infamous rake whom she holds liable for the lack of her advantage and her family members fortune, Ghislaine de Lorgny is suddenly kidnapped through her such a lot hated enemy.

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A Rose at Midnight

Longing for the downfall of Nicholas Blackthorne, the infamous rake whom she holds liable for the lack of her advantage and her kinfolk fortune, Ghislaine de Lorgny is all of sudden kidnapped via her such a lot hated enemy.

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He would have been more than happy to stay and watch his father die, if it hadn't been for the implacable decision of his elderly Uncle Teasdale. His mother's older brother was a bachelor, one of high-living tastes and an amazing amount of tolerance. Nicholas had always wished Teasdale had been his father, instead of the rigid, miserable old man who'd made his life a torment. Maybe then the blackness wouldn't eat into his soul as it had. But then, blood will tell. And the tainted blood of the mad Blackthornes ran thick and blue in his veins.

And I don't believe my master is interested in maidservants at the moment, though I couldn't say about the future. He's interested in seeing Lady Ellen's female chef, and my duty is to satisfy his whims. Right now that whim is you, Mamzelle. " She opened her mouth to continue the argument, then shut it abruptly. She would be wasting her breath, and possibly arousing suspicion, if she continued. Instead, she dropped a mocking curtsy. "Yes, sir," she said, and the man flashed a startled look at her.

A duel was unavoidable, but Nicky didn't have to make it a killing affair. Until Hargrove recovered or succumbed, all Nicky could do was bide his time in the country, out of reach of Bow Street Runners and the authorities. It wouldn't have been so bad if this were his first duel. In fact it was his seventh, and if his bad luck held, it would be his second fatality. Even his more sober family connections couldn't keep him from the consequences of his current misdeeds. She'd told him so, too. She'd gone into great detail about his lack of manners and judgment, complaining bitterly about being evicted from her pleasant home because of his imprudence.

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