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By Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Charles A. Moore

Here are the executive riches of greater than 3,000 years of Indian philosophical thought-the historical Vedas, the Upanisads, the epics, the treatises of the heterodox and orthodox structures, the commentaries of the scholastic interval, and the modern writings. Introductions and interpretive commentaries are provided.

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2. The Purusa is this all, that which was and which shall be. He is Lord of immortality, which he grows beyond through (sacri­ ficial) food. 3. Such is his greatness, and still greater than that is the Purusa. One fourth of him is all beings. The three fourths of him is the immortal in Heaven. 4. Three fourths on high rose the Purusa. One fourth of him arose again here (on the earth). Thence in all directions he spread abroad, as that which eats and that which eats not. 5. 1 He when bom reached beyond the earth behind as well as before.

Flow, Indu, flow for Indra’s sake. 9. Make me immortal in that realm where they move even as they list, In the third sphere of inmost heaven, where lucid worlds are full of light. Flow, Indu, flow for Indra’s sake. 10. Make me imm ortal in that realm of eager wish and strong desire, The region of the radiant Moon, where food and full delight are found. Flow, Indu, flow for Indra’s sake. 11. Make me imm ortal in that realm where happiness and trans­ ports, where Joys and felicities combine, and longing wishes are fulfilled.

54 (Griffith) To V l & V E D E V A S 5. What pathway leadeth to the gods? Who knoweth this of a truth, and who will now declare it? Seen are their lowest dwelling-places only, but they are in remote and secret regions. 8. All living things they part and keep asunder: though bearing up the mighty gods they reel not. One All is lord of what is fixed and moving, that walks, that flies, this multiform creation. 89 (Griffith) T o V i Sv e d e v a s 1. May power auspicious come to us from every side, never de­ ceived, unhindered, and victorious, That the gods ever may be with us for our gain, our guardians day by day unceasing in their care.

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