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By Denis Guénoun

The idea of the common was once born within the lands we now name Europe, but it's exactly the common that's Europe's undoing. All eu politics is stuck in a rigidity: to claim a eu identification is to be open to multiplicity, yet this very openness may perhaps dissolve Europe as such. This e-book displays on Europe and its altering obstacles over the span of twenty centuries. a piece of philosophy, it continuously attracts on concrete occasions. From historical Greece and Rome, to Christianity, to the Reformation, to the nationwide revolutions of the 20 th century, what we this day name "Europe" has been a succession of tasks within the identify of ecclesia or group. Empire, Church, and european: all were built unlike an Oriental "other." The stakes of Europe, then, are as a lot metaphysical as political. Redefining a chain of key suggestions equivalent to international, position, transportation, and the typical, this e-book sheds mild on Europe as approach through enticing with the main major philosophical debates at the topic, together with the paintings of Marx, Husserl, Heidegger, Patocka, and Nancy.

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For the Greeks, ecclesia is simply “assembly,” a word that is strictly and exactly political: ecclesia is the assembly of the people, that which constitutes and governs the polis as such. About the church, then, we shall say that it is the return to itself of the universal within the regime of the assembly. In the mode of the return, of the figure, the church designates the form or the project of a universal assembly. This returned universal also produces a remainder. What remains outside of the church?

This is where universality (the universality of universal history) starts up. Then comes Rome, which absorbs the Greek state and gives instruction to the barbarians who bring about its destruction—followed by us. Other peoples are known only through (durch) the consecution of these educated nations forming a chain. All this is imparted and will keep imparting itself to the totality of the world, through the movement of an expansion and a progressive extension. In these passages, as in the rest of Kant’s essay, the word “Europe” does not appear.

Europe is the terrestrial horizon of this journey, the new land to be crossed and conquered, the backcountry awaiting to the west, a backcountry of border-crossers, 22 Europe Crossways sailors, and warriors: not one’s place of origin—like the sun’s—where one awoke and arose. No, it is the backcountry into which one enters, penetrates, and sinks, and that one will discover. 47 * The second formulation to challenge, the one about the origin or birth, is close to the first, but subtler and more powerful.

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