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By Peter D. Mosses

Motion Semantics is a singular method of the formal description of programming languages. Its abstractness is at an intermediate point, among that of denotational and operational semantics. motion Semantics has significant pragmatic merits over all prior methods, in its comprehensibility and accessibility, and particularly within the usefulness of its semantic descriptions of lifelike programming languages. during this quantity, Dr Peter Mosses offers an intensive creation to motion semantics, and offers significant illustrations of its use. Graduates of desktop technological know-how or maths who've an curiosity within the semantics of programming languages will locate motion Semantics a so much necessary publication.

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Abstract syntax concerns only compositional, context-free structure of program trees. Contextsensitive syntax may be regarded as static semantics. • Semantic functions map programs to representations of their behaviour, and parts of programs to representations of their contributions to program behaviour. • When semantics is compositional, semantic equivalence implies interchangeability. When it is also fully abstract, semantic equivalence is the same as interchangeability. We demand compositionality, but not full abstractness.

16) the operation-result of "or" = either of (the given truth-value#l, the given truth-value#2) . • the value of » :: Numeral —• number . (17) the value of 7V:Numeral = number & decimal N . A semantic function always takes a single, syntactic argument and gives a semantic entity as result. The symbols used to denote semantic functions may be chosen freely; in this book we try to maximize their suggestiveness, at the expense of conciseness, but this is not obligatory. , the operation-result of _ , and the place-holder _ indicates where the argument goes.

Action Semantic Descriptions 26 always ambiguous, which makes them inappropriate as a basis for parsing—unless disambiguation rules are specified as well. 2. Note that occasionally, the use of recursive nonterminal symbols in abstract syntax may needlessly complicate the semantic description. For instance, the abstract syntax for Digits in Exercise 3 does not have a straightforward compositional semantics! Recall that given a concrete syntax, we are free to choose any grammar for abstract syntax—provided that we are prepared to specify how to map parse-trees to abstract syntax trees.

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