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This means that polymers are poor conductors. Boiling Point Polymers do not have boiling points. This is because, before they reach a theoretical boiling point, polymers decompose. Polymers do not have melting points for the same reason. Questions 1. Different crystalline structures have different refractive indexes. Why does this mean that a polycrystalline polymer is translucent? 2. What sort of polymer is a pane of perspex? 3. What sort of polymer does the pane of perspex become when shattered (but still in one piece)?

So, instead of breaking apart, they change shape, resulting in increased toughness. This effect is called plasticity. Elasticity When a metal is stretched, it can return to its original shape because the sea of electrons which bonds the ions together can be stretched as well. Questions 1. Would you expect a metal to have more or less conductivity than a semiconductor? Why? 2. How can the stress-strain graph for a metal be explained in terms of ions in a sea of electrons? 3. As a metal heats up, what happens to its conductivity?

Series Circuits In a series circuit, the total voltage (EMF) is divided across the components, as each component causes the voltage to decrease, so each one has a potential difference. The sum of the potential differences across all the components is equal to the potential difference (but batteries have their own 'internal resistances', which complicates things slightly, as we will see). Parallel Circuits In a parallel circuit, the potential difference across each branch of the circuit is equal to the EMF, as the same force is pushing along each path of the circuit.

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