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By Dr. med. habil. László Záborszky (auth.)

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1976a) levels decreased markedly in the NVM, suggesting the medullary origin of most of the noradrenaline present in the NVM. After separated lesions of individual cell groups or after brain stem transections, no significant decrease occurred (Palkovits et al. 1980b). However, with the electron microscope terminal degeneration was found in the NVM after lesions of the solitary tract, lateral reticular regions, and pontine and midbrain reticular formations (the surroundings of A7, and A8 cell groups).

This accords well with autoradiographic (Azmitia and Segal 1978, Moore et al. 1978) and present electronmicroscopic degeneration studies. The biochemical studies of Van der Kar and Lorens (1979) have shown that the central superior nucleus contributes equally to the serotoninergic innervation of NA. Indeed, sporadic labeled cells were found in the central superior and linear nuclei, which supports their role in the serotoninergic innervation of NA. After a unilateral cut at the mesodiencephalic border, the serotonin content ofthe ventromedial nucleus decreased by 70%, which points to the brain stem origin of most S-HT present.

We have seen that axons reach the MBH from a variety of brain stem areas. This is a consistent phenomenon in the chemically identified monoaminergic pathways and also in the nonmonoaminergic ones and means a substantial convergence of information. At the same time this mode of innervation also ensures a great deal of divergence because any single brain stem cell group projects to a number of places. Of the verified connections, only a few were identified chemically. In some cases, the joint occurrence of a biogenic amine and a neuropeptide was demonstrated (Hokfelt et al.

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