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By Jeffrey Ethell, Alfred Price

Air battle South Atlantic by means of Jeffrey Ethell and Alfred cost.

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Whili he was doing tins one of the rewmenofi the Boeing photographer warlike act, ( ( the Sea Harrier. It was an anexpected and strange encountei with each side anxious to do nothing to ate the cri deg Afterwards the Boeing rcw reported: 'British Deel at nun south and 2 deg west, 2,300 km ,430 miles] EN E of Rio d< ( < l I [ ) 1 Janeiro. Fleet spin into three groups, with eight ships in each of two forward groups and an unknown numbei in the third group/ In fa< the report was something of an exaggeration: at the time the Task Group in that nprised onl) eleven warships and five replenishment vessels.

Thus when the fourth Victor approached to land, with Squadron Leader Martin Todd was set for the spectacular aeronautical equivalent of a motorway pile-up. There was little margin for error: if he misjudged his approach or if there was a relatively at the controls, the stage minor Royal Air Force stood to lose onecommitted to the mission, and the very would soon be needed to take fuel out to the aircraft failure to his aircraft, the third of the Victor tankers machines that returning from the distant south.

The airfield at Port Stanley could not be relied upon to give a good echo, so he was using ground features nearby which did give good echoes; fed with an accurate distance and bearing from the target of each of the offset points, the Vulcan's bombing computer continually worked out the correct steering signals to take the aircraft to its bomb-release point, and presented these on a left-right needle indicator in front of Withers. 4 AIR 52 WAR SOUTH ATLANTIC was a smooth night, everything was steady, the steering were steady, and the range was coming down nicely.

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