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The philosophical method of this quantity is especially structuralist, utilizing logical instruments to enquire the formal constitution of assorted forms of items in our international, as characterized by means of language and as systematised by means of philosophy. This quantity almost always analyses the structural homes of collections or pluralities (with purposes to the philosophy of set theory), homogeneous gadgets like water, and the semantics and philosophy of occasions. This publication thereby enhances algebraic paintings that has been performed on different philosophical entities, i.e. propositions, homes, relatives, or occasions. positioned within the triangle of language, good judgment and philosophy, this quantity is exclusive in combining the assets of other ?elds in an interdisciplinary firm. half the fourteen chapters of this quantity are unique papers, complementing the gathering of the author's formerly released essays at the topic.

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Horses are mammals, b. Tigers are striped. a. In revolutionary France high positions were occupied by members of political clubs. In revolutionary Prance there were high positions that were occupied by members of political clubs. b. (8) a. b. Whales will be extinct before long, Tranquilizers are widespread. Sentence (6a) has a strict universal meaning: every horse is a mammal. (6b) can only be said to be "quasi-universal": most tigers (or all typical tigers) are striped. (7a) has again the quasi-universal reading: A high position during the French revolution was, as a rule, occupied by a member of some political club.

Consider (36), with the dominant reading judgments given in parentheses. (36) a. All men lifted the rock. (distr > coll) b. The men lifted the rock. (coll > distr) c. The men all lifted the rock. (distr > coll) d. The men each lifted the rock. (distr) In (36c) and (36d) the quantifier is said to be floated. Quantifier Floating is a pervasive phenomenon in languages like English (cf. Postal (1974); Dowty and Brodie (1984)) and German(cf. Link (1974)) and serves mainly for accentuating scope relations in a sentence.

Their seminal paper is a major source for the semantics of vague quantifiers; another is Blau (1983). See also Verkuyl (1981) and Hermann (1983). 4, reference should also be made to the current work on Generalized Quantifiers which in linguistic semantics started with Barwise and Cooper (1981). See van Benthem (1983a), Gardenfors (1987) with a bibliography therein, and Westerstahl (1988). , some of the men; in German we have either determiner + von + NP or determiner + NPKene^ve (einer von den Anwesenden, einige der Anwesenden).

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