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By J. Power (Auth.)

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A person by the name of limit Er dal beat the soles of myfeet for about half an hour. " and insulting me. Later, they attached wires to my fingers and toes and passed electric current through my body. At the same time they kept beating my *m:: l Ί ,, r * *V naked thighs with truncheons. Many people were assisting Umit Er dal in this.... After a while, they disconnected the wire from my finger and connected it to my ear. They immediately gave a high dose of electricity. My whole body and head shook in a terrible way.

Others had died slowly and painfully, suffocated in a rubber h o o d or strangled with a garotte. One letter received by Amnesty International described a secret grave in a gorge, used by army units w h o had seized and murdered the leaders of a village earthquake reconstruction committee (Guatemala was rocked by an earthquake in 1976; 20,000 people died): More than thirty bodies were pulled out of the 120-foot gorge... but farmers who live near the site told me there were more bodies, many more, but that the authorities didn't want to admit as much or go to the trouble of dragging them out....

S. government all t h r o u g h 1981 and one can safely assume, given the pressures from national g r o u p s , particularly in Britain, West Germany, and the United States, that Amnesty will get more involved in this cause, not less. 43 CENTRAL AMERICA: AMNESTY'S FRONT BURNER The little slice of land that links the great continents of N o r t h and South America is n o w the place where h u m a n rights are most violated. Proportional to their population, more people are being tortured and killed for their beliefs than anywhere else on the globe.

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