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By Roger A. Minear and Gary L. Amy (Eds.)

content material: Water disinfection and traditional natural topic : heritage and assessment / Roger A. Minear and Gary L. Amy --
Regulatory impression research of the disinfectants-disinfection by-products rule / Stuart W. Krasner, D.M. Owen, and J.E. Cromwell, III --
Empirical types for chlorination by-products : 4 years of pilot adventure in southern Connecticut / John N. McClellan, David A. Reckhow, John E. Tobiason, James ok. Edzwald, and Alan F. Hess --
Aqueous chlorination kinetics and mechanism of substituted dihydroxybenzenes / Alicia C. Gonzalez, Terese M. Olson, and Laurence M. Rebenne --
a cost-effective experimental method of constructing disinfection spinoff predictive types / R. Hofmann and R.C. Andrews --
The impact of operational variables at the formation of dissolved natural halogen in the course of chloramination / J.M. Symons, R. Xia, A.C. Diehl, G.E. Speitel, Jr., Cordelia J. Hwang, Stuart W. Krasner, and S.E. Barrett --
program of product reports within the elucidation of chloramine response pathways / Peter J. Vikesland, Richard L. Valentine, and Kenan Ozekin --
Modeling the decomposition of disinfecting residuals of chloramine / Kenan Ozekin, Richard L. Valentine, and Peter J. Vikesland --
A comparability of analytical recommendations for choosing cyanogen chloride in chloraminated ingesting water / Michael J. Sclimenti, Cordelia J. Hwang, and Stuart W. Krasner --
Characterization of usual natural subject and its reactivity with chlorine / Gregory W. Harrington, Auguste Bruchet, Danielle Rybacki, and Philip C. Singer --
Use of pyrolysis gasoline chromatography-mass spectrometry to check the character and behaviour of ordinary natural topic in water remedy / K.A. grey, A.H. Simpson, and K.S. McAuliffe --
Use of UV spectroscopy to check chlorination of common natural topic / Gregory V. Korshin, Chi-Wang Li, and Mark M. Benjamin --
impression of ozonation and biotreatment on molecular dimension and hydrophilic fractions of typical natural topic / Margarete T. Koechling, Hiba M. Shukairy, and R. Scott Summers --
traditional natural topic characterization and treatability by way of organic activated carbon filtration : Croton Reservoir case learn / C.M. Klevens, M.R. Collins, R. Negm, M.F. Farrar, G.P. Fulton, and R. Mastronardi --
The aid of bromate by way of granular activated carbon in distilled and ordinary waters / Jennifer Miller, Vernon L. Snoeyink, and Joop Kruithof --
impression of bromide ion focus and molecular weight cutoff on haloacetonitrile, haloketone, and trihalomethane formation potentials / Steve H. through and Andrea M. Dietrich --
Interactions among bromine and ordinary natural topic / Rengao music, Paul Westerhoff, Roger A. Minear, and Gary L. Amy --
Simplifying bromate formation kinetic research with a linear bromate yield proposal / Paul Westerhoff, Gary L. Amy, Rengao track, and Roger A. Minear --
Ion-chromatographic choice of 3 short-chain carboxylic acids in ozonated consuming water / Ching-Yuan Kuo, Hsiao-Chiu Wang, Stuart W. Krasner, and Marshall ok. Davis --
Bromate ion elimination via electric-arc discharge and high-energy electron beam approaches / Mohamed S. Siddiqui, Gary L. Amy, and William J. Cooper.

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Values for 1993 as reported by Tobiason (13) 3. Value not available 4. Accurate value not available. Value is assumed to be « 30-50 μg/L based on typical values for region. ch003 1 3 3 2 3 4 4 4 Table II. 3 1. HAAFP = sum of DCAAFP and TCAAFP 2. CHC13FP « THMFP in RWA waters due to low bromide concentration 3. Full scale data 4. Pilot scale data, 10 minute EBCT in GAC contactors 5. Pilot scale data 1 2 3 4 3 3 5 The concentrations of HAAs and THMs were measured by gas chromatography with electron capture detection after quenching and appropriate sample preparation.

Davis, M. ; Proceedings of the AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, 1988. ; Applied Linear Statistical Models; Irwin: Burr Ridge, IL, 1990. Miltner, R. ; Shukairy, H. ; Summers, R. AWWA, 1992, 84(11), 53. Reckhow, D. ; Singer, P. AWWA, 1990, 82(4), 173. ch003 18. 19. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1996. ch004 Alicia C. Gonzalez, Terese M. Rebenne Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Irvine,CA92697-2175 It is well known that treatment of drinking and wastewater with chlorine results in the formation of chloroform and a variety of organochlorine compounds.

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