Word On The Street

Here’s what people are saying about Maverick Events (we love them too!)

9 Responses to “Word On The Street”

  1. Matt Clark says :

    Sophia works her butt off. She made my job VERY easy. We were able to pull off a 600+ in attendance with 300+ live streaming event solely because we had her on-board (it was my first event with Jason Katzenback). The crazy thing is…somehow she manages to make it all look easy

  2. Aydika James says :

    ROCK! It’s about time Sophia unleashed her skills to the rest of the Maverick world. Seriously: This girl is amazing. I’ve seen her pull together massive events in no time… and laugh the whole way through like it’s nothing. (Um: Hello *Underground Online Seminar 8?*) Plus, she somehow happens to know “everybody.” I don’t ask how… but it’s a good thing. So excited! If you want to make a splash for your next party or event: This is the hands-free way to go.

  3. Ryan Rogers says :

    On behalf of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation, thank you for planning our “The Kid” Turns 50 & Helps 50 Kids event to perfection. I could not have done that by myself, and when I needed help, I knew who to call immediately. Thanks for helping us raise over $150,000 and thanks for helping us impress our guests. I really appreciate it.

  4. Jo Fellowes says :

    There is no question that Sophia from Maverick Events saved us thousands of pounds when she ran our event. Sophia handled all the details from meal planning, stage set up, contract negotiation, filming and more! Sophia slots in as a real team member before, during and after the event and that made it all go so smoothly and trouble free. We don’t do an event without her and I recommend her to all our clients who run events! Jo Fellowes http://www.7-figurebackoffice.com

  5. Kim Pingleton says :

    I think Sophia does an amazing job. She has the unique ability to make every person feel like the event was created just for them and she makes every person feel special. Over the past couple of years she has made each mastermind meeting a unique experience which I always look forward to. I always know the food is going to be really good, something special and always delicious plus she creates something fun to entertain us. We all work very hard and she makes sure the time away from our businesses will be memorable, which force us to step outside our comfort zone and have fun!! Sophia is extremely organized. I appreciate her attention to details, our meetings are always very organized which is not easy dealing with entrepreneurs. It is like herding blind kittens and she never appears flustered…Sophia has a special gift, she is always so thoughtful and makes each person feel like they are special and important. That is an amazing quality to be able to do that with groups and each person thinks they are the MOST special.

  6. Kris Gaunt says :

    Thanks for a having the courage and determination to put together such a brilliant seminar of enlightening speakers & bringing together a rockstar group of people who will game change the planet for better. So hats off to you & Thank YOU Sophia Umanski & Yanik Silver!

  7. Its challenging to hire someone and just completely trust them to run your event. Especially when it is your first time even hosting an event (Like I just did with Maverick Member Matt Clark a couple of weeks ago). The moment I saw Sophia doing her thing; her efficiency in implementing her Event Coordinator skills, my nerves were instantly put at ease. She was like a Momma Bear, always making sure that Matt and I were taken care of. She is gentle yet efficient – money well spent for any type of event. She has my complete confidence!

  8. Matt Curry says :

    Sophia is like everyone’s mother, always taking care of everyone’s needs. The girl is organized, always, which she somehow manages to balance with a distinctive creativity – a rare ability to find. I give her the credit for this “Maverick family” we have.

  9. Sophia has a unique ability that is both creative and organizational, to blend all the pieces of an event together to create a magical experience. She makes the host of an event or party feel instantly at ease, giving them confidence that they can relax and enjoy their event while trusting her to make sure everything runs smoothly. At an event, Sophia will make you feel like you are the most important person in the room, she hones in on your personal needs and makes sure that every one of them are met. And when it comes to spur of the moment planning and problem solving, she is a master!